Orchids Paper suspends dividend

Orchids Paper (TIS) will cancel its quarterly dividend.

Orchids stated today that: the company is committed to our growth strategy of expanding capacity, expanding our markets and sales, and leveraging our low costs of production. Even though we expect to see step-change improvements in earnings and cash flow in the third and fourth quarters, the Board considered it prudent and the responsible course of action to suspend the quarterly dividend to preserve financial flexibility and ensure our capital is allocated to further the success of our business. In the Board's judgment, at this time, the better use of cash is to invest in the Barnwell, South Carolina project and to directly address the financial leverage ratios.

The declaration and payment of future dividends to holders of our common stock will be based upon many factors, including our financial condition, earnings, capital requirements of our businesses, legal requirements, regulatory constraints, industry practice, restrictions under the Company's credit agreements, and other factors that the Board of Directors deems relevant. The Board of Directors retains the power to modify, suspend or cancel the Company's dividend policy in any manner and at any time as it may in its discretion deem necessary or appropriate.

Orchids had been paying a $0.35 per share quarterly dividend. The stock had lost 7 percent prior to today's announcement. The dividend was 5.8% based on Friday's closing price.

Orchids Paper Products Company is a supplier of consumer tissue products. The Company produces bulk tissue paper, known as parent rolls, and converts parent rolls into finished products, including paper towels, bathroom tissue and paper napkins.

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